Glove Care

Before using Tee3 gloves for the first time it is recommended that you rinse the gloves under luke warm water to remove any additives from the manufacturing process. To get best results from the glove you may need to do this twice.

Always clean gloves after use, use luke warm water and allow gloves to dry away from light and heat. Exposing gloves to light and heat whilst drying or storing will reduce the life span of the latex.

Tee3 uses top quality latex, this will provide excellent grip in all conditions however due to latex being a natural material, a certain amount of wear and deterioration with use is expected. This may even happen after the first use. In no way can Tee3 be held liable or responsible for normal use or unintended use.

Store gloves with the palms apart.

Certain models come with a plastic film covering the palm for protection, for best results please carefully remove the plastic film from the palm.

For better grip and durability, it is recommended that you moisten gloves slightly before and during use.