About Us

Tee3 Goalkeeping was started over 11 years ago by Trinity Allen and is the result of over 35 years worth of goalkeeping experience. We started with 3 glove models and have now grown into a trusted and recognised leader in goalkeeping products and coaching with over 18 glove models on the market and a growing apparel line. Tee3 gloves have been worn across the globe at World Cups and International tournaments, A-League and W-League along with local club competitions around Australia.

Our gloves and products have been meticulously planned and designed, successfully combining a unique eye catching design with superior functionality. We have a glove to suit all conditions, from the hottest and driest of days to the wettest of nights. 

The materials and latexes used in our gloves give complete confidence to keepers every time they pull them on. As a goalkeeper you can rest assured knowing that every bit of Tee3 equipment you use will exceed your expectations.  

We have played and coached the position at representative levels and have worked with goalkeepers from all levels. We know what is needed to be a successful goalkeeper and we aim to give every keeper the equipment to perform at their best. 

Our aim is to give you, the goalkeeper, a great product at a great price.

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